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001. 3D Caveman 


Download: 3dcave.exe (7MB)


In 3D Caveman Rocks!, Caveman is looking for Stonehenge. Caveman like Stonehenge. But caveman no like evil monkey, sticky cactus, bad bird, pointy rhino, rolling barrels or falling rock! These things bad. Help Caveman reach Stonehenge and advance to the next level. 

002. 3D Xarlor


Download: 3DXarlor.exe



You're John Blake and you're mission is to fly to the Infinite Expanse and grab some sample high energy yield Corbamite ore for use in new drive and weapons development.
Every two bit thief, pirate and black marketer is in the area too. Tension is high and competition fierce and you're on your own. Your ship is outfitted with the latest engines, shields and weapons technology. You will have to use your wits to survive, collect enough ore and return home safely. Good luck pilot!  


A  A  A  A  A  A

003. Abaddon 


Download: abandoSetup1.exe (0,9 MB)


A fully complete and functioning game with at least 15 hours of gameplay!
An Anime RPG Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fantasy Epic, Chapter 1 is ABADDON.
Note : Abaddon - Hebrew word for destruction, the guardian of the abyss in the boook of Revelations.  

004. Abuse


Download: abusesetup.exe


Abuse is a side-scrolling action game with a unique control system. You move the player with the arrow keys, while you aim his gun with the mouse.
In the original shareware version, released in 1995, there were four levels, and a highly flexible level editor.

You are the only person immune to the abuse gene, you must therefore, fight your way through mutants so that you can save the world and escape to freedom. You use a great variety of weapons and skills (i.e. flying) to fight through those humans who are not immune, like yourself, to the gene.

004. Action Point 




Action Point is extreme intensive action in the sky!
Your mission is to control a fighter and shoot as many enemy objects falling down from the top as you can.
Unlimited ammo and different kind of weapons guarantee you lots of pure action. 16 million color explosion animation and 16bit stereo sounds & music help create a fantastic feeling.
Also includes instructions and lots of statistics.

005. Alien Combat 2001


Download: (13,8 MB)



2001 Alien Combat is a action game.
Beautiful high-res graphics accompany a lively music score and immersive sound effects.
You must defeat terrible aliens this time speed and agility are essential...
You have several moves in order to suceed in your struggle: a lethal front kick and a rotation kick etc.  

006. AGF 1.08 


Download: AGFInst108.exe (4,2 MB)

Intro: (3,7 MB)

AGF is a fly-around-and-shoot-at-everything-that's-moving game. You can choose between one of nine ships with different capabilities.
You can play AGF in Single Player Mode against the computer or via an IPX-network against up to 15 of your friends. We even managed to play it over the Internet with 2 people, but this is not really fun, it was a bit slow. But this was before the version 1.07 routines were implemented.
(If you want a small intro, unzip the file into your AGF directory.)  

007. Artifact 


Download: (6,4 MB)


Artifact is the Internet-based, multi-player, persistent world, real-time strategy game from Samu Games.
Internet-based - If you can connect to the Internet (and have Windows 95/98/NT), you can play Artifact.
Multi-player - The ultimate opponents: other players from all over the United States and even the World. Not only are you competing with other Real, Live players, but you can also join alliances with other players.
Persistent World - Artifact is always running. When you log out, your empire is still there--your population is still growing, your workers are still working, your military is still there defending your holdings.
Real-time Strategy - All building, movement and combat are resolved in "real time."
Free to Play - Artifact is FREE to play as long as you want, though there are benefits for buying Artifact Citizenship. Learn to play without paying a cent, or go for full privileges right from the start. It's your choice.
No Ads! - Even though Artifact is free to play, there are no advertisements. Artifact is supported by the players, not by advertisers.
System Requirements: Pentium 166+ w/ 32MB RAM, Windows 95/98/NT4+, Sound Card, Video Display 800x600 256 Colors
Build an empire from a single city. Search the world for the Eight Ancient Artifacts and claim them for your own. Then do your best to hold on to them to win the game. Finding is only half the battle...  

008. Aspirin Protector 


Download: Protector.exe (2,1 MB)

ProtectorFull.exe (11 MB) mit Sound

The game takes place inside a human vein. Your aim is a noble one, to stop blood clotting.
Although the description will probably put you off, the game is an amazingly fun experience and can become very addictive.
What do you think the sequel will be?
Viagra Protector maybe? Inside what human vein will that be set?
You can also get the game screensaver from the link below.  

009. Asteroid Patrol 3D 


Download: (1 MB)


Another modern day Asteroids remake, which offers a very interesting environment and has addictive gameplay qualities.  

010. Ata: Extracts from the American Civil War


Download: (7,3 MB)

Patch: (0,6 MB)

Ata is a description of the American Civilwar and is made in the spirit of a classic game called North 'n' South. It has been in development since 1998, but that time also includes the time spent on learning new techniques. The unzipped game takes about 15 megs of hard drive space.
The war begins. Your task is to order your armies (the amount of which is one to three depending on what you choose to be your campaign type). Next you have to start to conquer states in order to get more resources and gain victories. Troops can be hired, dismissed or exchanged between your armies and states. Every time your army attacks an enemy state, a battlescreen appears on the map (from which you aren't able to escape). And if one army meets another, it means war.  

011. Atoll


Download: Atollsetup.exe (3,3 MB)


Atoll is an exciting puzzle game that is loaded with personality. You are responsible for getting the adorable Eyots safely to their new home, the island Atoll. To accomplish this task, you must match rows and columns of like colored Eyots in order for them to fall safely to the island below. This may sound simple until you factor in an ominous ocean that is slowly rising to drown the island, Eyots that will try to wiggle free, eggs that will not match until they hatch, and more!

012. Avalon Arena




Avalon Arena is a multiplayer network game for 2 to 9 players. Have you always wanted to shoot your friends with a gun, to disintegrate them with a fireball or blow to them to oblivion with mines? Then Avalon Arena is the game for you! You will definately love the great classic top-down and sideview gameplay.
Best of all, Avalon Arena is freeware so you can download the game entirely for free! The game is still under development so check back regularly for new updates and add-on packs!  


B  B  B  B  B  B

013. B-17 Flying Fortress 


Download: (4,4 MB)


This is a former retail sim which has now entered the wonderful world of freeware.
As a member of the crew of the magnificent B-17 Flying Fortress your aim is to fly missions over WW II Europe as successfully as possible.
Great attention to detail was paid adding to the high "playbility" of this game.
This download is not supported by Microprose, get all the info you need from the forum link below.  

014. Battle Droids 2


Download: (11,5 MB)


Let the games begin...
3 Different Droids to choose from, foggy landscape, plus many new features.
You can battle with up to 6 other people over the internet.  

015. Battle Fire - LAN Arena


Download: bf3v19_setup.exe (4,2 MB)


Battle Fire - LAN Arena is a multiplayer game with high quality graphics and audio. Up to 10 players can join in on a server and even a dedicated server can be started. Timelimit and Fraglimit determine the end of a game now. Available are different kinds of weapons and plenty of grenades to throw around.
Battle Fire - LAN Arena comes without any music, only with sound effects. To add music to the game, place your own MP3 files in the folder where the game is installed or download and extract the BF3 Music Pack. Extra Utilities are released for BF3 to have the game run on Shared Internet, and other things.
BF3Serve is the same as BF3, but only the dedicated server. This is usefull if you want to host a server on a machine without 3D Card. Also no DirectX is required for BF3Serve. BF3Serve contains a configuration window to configure the server game settings.  

016. Betrayal at Krondor 


Download: krondorz.exe  (10,5 MB)


Betrayal at Krondor is an original story based on the best-selling Riftwar novels by Raymond E. Feist, and is the first serious attempt to present an interactive fantasy story divided into chapters like a book. Gameplay within each of the nine unique chapters is totally non-linear; you hve to have a goal that must be accomplished before you can see the rest of the story.
Betrayal at Krondor is based on the Midkemian Universe created by Midkemia Press and Raymond E. Feist. The game was named 1994 Game of the Year by Computer Games Strategy Plus and is widely recognized as one of the best CRPG games ever made.  

017. Bike Flyter 


Download: bikeflyter.exe (3,8 MB)


BikeFlyter is a fast action racing game. Your player character is a mixture between a biker and a little fly (well, with some little weight problems). Your task is to get as much points as possible before you lose your eight lives by being hit by a biker.  

018. Blobby Volley V1.7 


Download: (0,7 MB)


This is a fun game much like Beach Volleyball for 1 or two players.
If you choose to face the computer you can choose an opponent of variable skill.
You can play using the keyboard or the mouse to play. The aim is what volleyball is about, get 15 points with a lead of more than one and you've w 

019. Bluetris 2 


Download: SetupBluetris2.exe (13,3 MB)


Bluetris 2 is a Tetris style game with a twist.
Many new ways of reaching the desired line formation have been introduced, including attacking the blocks, special blocks etc.
The game also offers a wide range of themes (colors, music, sfx) so that you can give it a customised feel.  

020. Brick Blast 

Download: (1,2 MB)

Extra Levels: bblevels.htm (n/A)

Editor: (29 KB)

Brick Blast is a breakout-style game where you have a paddle and a ball and have to hit all the bricks on the screen. Cool features like multiple paddles and balls, power-ups and explosions make it a blast to play.
Create a tileset with the tileset editor, make a level with the tileset in the level editor, then play the level in the game! This game will be very customizable with custom levelsets, tilesets, backgrounds, etc.  

021. Bubble Puzzle 97


Download: .zbblpzlip (1,4 MB)


Thousands of players all over the world are playing this game.
Once released as a DOS-game only to a few people on the net, this version brings you new graphics, new sounds and thrilling music.
One of the first freeware games for Windows95 which takes advantage of DirectX technology.
You can create your own levels and integrate them into the game. But don´t try this to push your highscore, ´cause everybody can see that. Special mode for colorblind player.
Multiplayer ? So that you can compare your score to that of other players.  


C  C  C  C  C  C

022. Cannon Smash  (2,8 MB)


CannonSmash is a 3D tabletennis game. The goal of this project is to represent various strategy of tabletennis on computer game.
This game may contain some bugs.
Cannon Smash supports multiplayer mode since version 0.4.0. Two PC's connected by LAN or over the internet are needed to play a multiplayer game.  

023. Cartman´s Authoritah 


Download: (1,4 MB)


Play as Cartman in this side scrolling platform game. Attack the bad guys with 5 weapons including baton, rifle, flame thrower, rocket launcher and V-chip. Find warps to secret bonus levels. Collect 100 cheesy poofs to get an extra life. Get the weight gain 4000 to recover energy.  

024. Caesar 


Download: (0,8 MB)



One of the early classic strategy sims. Build your very own Roman Empire, facing political deceit and corruption.
Thank God there was no Emperor elect stage in Rome.  

025. Catch the Sperm


Download: setupcatchthesperm.exe(3,6 MB)


Simple game but for a worthwhile cause since it is offered as part of the Swiss Anti - AIDS campaign.
All you have to do is aim your cannon and fire your condom ammo (left click) at the sperm.  

026. Chub Gam 3-D,the Directors Cut 




Face your worst nightmares in 3-D with this Special Edition of this Freeware Game.
The nightmare lives on with a brand new release of the world's #1 freeware game. Chub Gam 3-D, the Directors Cut, strikes terror into even the most seasoned players with new levels, controversial cinema cut scenes, new characters, additional digital sounds, and more action than ever before.

The story
Your Harrier Jump-Jet has crashed in a strange area. Your co-pilot is dead. Your only hope is to follow a voice you hear echoing across the foreign terrain. You are welcomed into Chub's castle, but what does he have in store for you? Encounter waves of enemies and weird characters. Not your usual 3-D corridor shooter! You are ready for anything with an immense array of weaponary at your disposal including: shotguns, machine guns, grenades, missile launchers, chemical weapons (Make sure you strap on the gas mask first...), and more. Requires 386-33 or better, DOS, VGA graphics, 4 MB RAM, 600K free memory, and Sound Blaster support. Windows 95/98 DOS Mode and Pentium II compitable. 

027. Crazy Cows 


Download: (1,1 MB)


Crazy Cows is a cool game that combines action with fun, and requires strategic movements. There are two ways to play with it: War mode game and Battle mode game. You can choose within two troops: gray cows and brown cows.
War mode game has sixteen levels (from level 0 to level 15). It gets harder, and more powerful cows appear, as you pass each level. Battle mode game is an only map, that can be created by you. It means you can make your own maps with CRAZY COWS EDITOR, which is included in the package (with five map samples in it). You can also play a two player game in battle mode.  

028. Corridors of Power

Download: power072.exe (3 MB)

Patch: power072_patch1.exe (3 MB)

Tool Set: copts072.exe (2,2 MB)

Corridors of Power is a first-person shooter game that is currently under development for 3D accelerated PCs running Windows 9x, Me, NT4 and 2000. It features the Retribution engine, a new 3D game engine that includes many advanced features. Originally, the aim of the project was to learn 3D game design through the production of a simple game. Since then, following encouraging words from a number of people, the aim of the project has expanded to the production of a complete freeware game.

028. Cubed


Download: cubeinst.exe (2,3 MB)

Level Editor: cubedleinst.exe (1,2 MB)

Cubed is a scrolling 1 player puzzle game in which you have to get rid of all of the colored padz on the level by landing on them the right way. You control a cube that you move by flipping on it's sides.  

029. Cultures 


Download: (6,4 MB)


The story begins many, many years ago in a small village, somewhere in Greenland.
In Cultures: The Beginning you are a dwarf-like character collecting gold while using your bow to shoot the bears and boars that come out of the "generators".
In this Gauntlet like game your enemy is the clock, so the sooner you complete the game the better.  

030. Cyberg Max 


Download: (9,2 MB)


Cyberg Max is a side-scrolling action game.
Beautiful high-res graphics accompany a lively music score and immersive sound effects.
You get to take control of a giant blue robot that must defeat the baddies that attack you from multiple directions.
You have two weapons to aid in your struggle: a lethal front kick and a devastating fireball attack.
Cyberg Max is sure to bring an incredible challange to your computer and should provide houres of mindless entertainment.  

031. Cycles 3D 


Download: cycles3d.exe (1 MB)



Get your chance to ride the cycles from the movie Tron. They are fast and they leave an energy wall behind them. The game supports most 3D cards and offers a multiplayer option.

If you download the latest executable file from below you will also need to have installed the full version first.  


D  D  D  D  D  D

032. Deluxe Snake 


Download: dsnake.exe  (1,6 MB)


Deluxe Snake is a clone of the classic arcade games Nibbles and Snake, with improved gameplay, including power-ups, mushrooms, walls, tail-bite, and other fun stuff. Play on multiple arena sizes, with borders on/off, in 4 different gamemodes. There's a top 20 high-scores list for each unique setting, which also stores gamelengths and dates, and can be merged with friends' lists.
You can submit your best score to the on-line high-scores table here 

033. Deep Space 


Download: (1,8 MB)


Deep Space is an action type arcade game with 2 modes, both based on the arcade classic 'Missle Comand'. In my advanced mode you are a spaceship shooting down comets and protecting your cities from the 2nd Cold War(not really a big part of the story line). In that mode there are many different things attacking your cities including large lasers and giant meteors.
The classic mode is more like the original, but still different. Instead of controlling a spaceship, you use a target controlled by the mouse. You click to launch a rocket. There are martians falling trying to attack your cities and later on, airplanes dropping safes on them. This game is very big challenge and I dont expect anyone to win. If you do win, capture the winning screen and send it to  

034. Deranged Raid 


Download:draid_downloads.shtml (55,1 MB)


This is a Flight simulation / RTS genre mix. Development of this game is not yet finished, but all key parts of the game are present. Deranged Raid will update itself via the internet, and this way you'll eventually receive the final version. Deranged Raid is FREEWARE and OPENSOURCE.  

035. DDCK: Myth of creation 


Download: setup.exe (28 MB)


Since the beginning of time, the gods have ruled Caross ... until one day it was taken away from them.
DDCK: MoC is an epic RTS game about the strife between gods and the world, Caross, that gets torn in between. As the One, the sovereign god of all of Caross you will wield terrible elements that will shake the very foundations of the world! DDCK is a strategy game played in real-time from a skewed overhead perspective.

Wield 9 different elements including Ice, Fire, Lava, and Spirit in 20 intense missions
Experience a stunning world rendered to the utmost detail displayed in 800x600 resolution in vivid 16-bit high colour.
An epic and gripping plot, choose your path between good and evil in a dynamic, branching storyline.
Intense real-time strategy. Sound effects and an original musical score by Alex Pederson.  

036. Decker


Download: decker.exe (O,5 MB)


Welcome to the 22nd century. In the game of Decker, you are a hacker who specializes in breaking into corporate computer systems, for which you are handsomely paid. Of course, these corporations don’t idly sit by and allow you free run of their systems. The systems are guarded by Intrusion Countermeasure programs (ICE), which attempt to kick you out of the system, or possibly even kill you.
The basic equipment of a Decker is the cyberdeck. This wonderful piece of hardware plugs directly into your brain in order to allow you experience the full virtual reality world of the matrix. While in the matrix, you use programs to attempt to bypass the security measures of the corporate systems, or to crash them if all else fails.
You start out unskilled, unknown, and underequipped, but as you gain experience, you will increase your skills, hardware, and reputation in order to combat more difficult and dangerous systems. That is, if you don’t get your brain fried in the process.  

037. Dink Smallwood 


Download: getdink.htm (24,4 MB)


Imagine exploring a giant medieval world filled with creatures and people that are more than just sprites. You don't just talk to people, you know them. You don't just kill things for experience, you tear them apart for fun.
-You can move in eight different directions.
-You can attack with nifty weapons and magics.
-You move by the pixel - not by the square! This means really cool arcade stuff is possible.
-You can push stuff.
-You can put your head in a weird hole. (yay!)
-Find stuff! They can add health to your life, extend your life and more. You can also raise your strength, defense and magic through items and level raises.
-These are just a few aspects of the total gaming experience!  

038. Disasteroids 3D v1.2


Download: disasteroids3d.exe (0,5 MB)


Disasteroids 3D is my 'research project' to learn how to write a simple game using Visual Studio and OpenGL. Programming started on February 16,2000 and the game rapidly took shape. The rough game was playable in less than a week, and since that time I've added a lot of cool effects to make the game more polished.
The game features:
OpenGL 3D graphics
DirectSound support
DirectInput support for joysticks and force-feedback devices
A very low sticker price (it's free)  

039. Dive


Download: Setup.exe (5,3 MB)


Dive! is an exciting and challenging game that places you at the helm of a deep-sea submersible in the middle of troubled waters. You are responsible for retrieving a number of precious artifacts in an ocean that is being patrolled by nuclear submarines and is riddled with depth charges, mines, and torpedoes. 

040. Dive and Destroy 


Download: (1 MB)


Dive and Destroy is a fast-paced shoot-em-up from Blackeye Software which features a legion of opponents to blast through, numerous power-ups to collect, and a massive end-boss!  

041. Dragon Castle 3D


Download: dragoncastle.exe


Dragon Castle is set in the fantasy land of Dramania, a land where dragons and humans live in peaceful harmony. When an army starts to attack, though, you have to defend Dramania's castles and attack the enemies' castles.

-You get to fly a dragon!
-You have an army on your side.
-Runs on slower computers yet can utilize accelerator cards.
-Heightmap landscape.
-You can aim your fireball in a different direction to the direction that you are flying.
-3d positional sound including doppler effects.
-Environmental effects such as rain, wind and snow.
-Joined mesh (seamless) for your character and your dragon.
-Author's first program. Begun when he was 18.
-You can land on the castle.
-Varied environments and level styles.
-20 levels.
-Large yet fast landscape.
-Characters include Dragon Knights, catapults, knights, archers and footsoldiers.  

042. Dove 


Download: (4,5 MB)


Shoot your way through this game using the various weapons systems available in all nine breathtaking levels. There's also the chance to pick the difficulty level which suits you best. A pretty fun arcade game in the old and tried turbo graphix tradition.  

043. DXtris 


Download: (3,9 MB)


DXtris is a Tetris clone written in C++ for Win32 platforms (Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT4).
It plays exactly as you’d expect a Tetris clone to play – blocks fall from the top of a well and it’s your job to destroy them lest they reach the top of said well. However, DXtris is unlike most Tetris games available today. The graphics are impressive and the backgrounds lush, enhancing the overall feel of the game. There are also some unique special effects, such as the blocks actually falling and crumbling when you get a line. Plus, you have the option to play various game "types" such as a quick game of 25 lines or a race against the two-minute clock.
Sound effects range from a "thud" when a block falls into place to an applauding crowd congratulating you on a new high score. But the most interesting feature DXtris has to offer is in its customizability. Don’t like a particular backdrop? No problem, just delete the associated file. Want to add your own? Create one in your image editor and import it. Also editable are block "skins" which change the appearance of the falling blocks in the well, down to the debris left over from a broken line.  


E  E  E  E  E  E

044. Egoboo 


Download: (12,8 MB)


Egoboo is a 3d dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of NetHack.
It currently uses the Direct3D API and is available for Wintel.
We are working on an OpenGL linux/mac/*nix... port right now.
Egoboo is *NOT* a finished game. It is a work in progress 

045. Ends of the Earth 2 


Download: (2,6 MB)


The end of the earth. Everyone fears it, but is it really as everyone says it will be? How will it occur, why will it occur? In this sequel by Valkayree Productions you play a hero named Atoch, who is the youngest of a long line of descendants dedicated to preventing the return of Caramawn, the evil centaur Centaurus defeats in the first Ends of the Earth. Sadly, several wizards gather and through their rituals and deceptions make life on earth a living hell. Only you, Atoch, can rid the planet of the evil wizards before they summon the great beast which will destroy the earth and instill fear in all who see it.  

046. Escaping Jail 


Download: ejailzip.exe (1,8 MB)


Escaping Jail is a medieval puzzle that challenges logical thought. This puzzle, originally made from wood, contains 5 rectangles and 5 squares that are held within a container. You must maneuver the largest square from top to bottom by sliding the other pieces (tiles) into the open positions. It requires over 100 moves to solve. If you are stumped there is a code which will unlock the solution and is available for free from the internet.  



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