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001. Kill´em all


Download: KillEmAll.exe (1,3 MB)


Simple, gory all-out-carnage shoot 'em up plot with no point whatsoever, but damn it's
fun and helps you take out the stress of a boring day.
Cute bunnies are invading in massive forces from the skies, your one and only mission objective is to blast away every sucker in sight before they reach the ground.  

002. Kingsborn


Download: (16,1 MB)


It's hard to find a free 3D First Person Shooter out there, so you can imagine the surprise when Kingsborn appeared. Its not only free but very good too. A German developer created a free FPS with decent graphics and pretty addictive gameplay (especially the Maze level).
In Kingsborn you choose the number of bots (0-10) and frags (0-100) and you can also play in Network mode with friends over the Internet.
The only downside is that instructions to the game are available only in German but you can also play the English version of Kingsborn (by running English.bat). Just in case your German isn't that good here are the main keys used in the game :
You move with the keys W,S,A,D to shoot use the left mouse button. Move the mouse to change view. Click "k" for full-person view. Press F1 for keyboard/mouse settings.  


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003. Liero 

Download: LIERO133.ZIP (360 KB)

Level Editor: LIERO133.ZIP (1,5 MB)

Blood Increaser: wormhole15_exe (10 KB)

Liero is a freeware game, very similar to Worms 2 but in real time.
Have fun annihilating your friends or your computer using the forty weapons supplied by the game.
If you don't like the background you can always use the level editor to create a better killing environment.
Ready made Liero levels are also available for download through the links section...  

004. Little Counterstrike 


Download: little-cs.exe (4,3 MB)


This is a 2D version of Counter Strike with emphasis on gameplay and reaction time rather than amazing graphics and environments. The game is in German so here are some basic instructions: You have a choice of 6 weapons. Hostages wear white and you get to free them by right clicking on them. If you reach the end of level 9 you also get to fight your Arch Enemy.
Little Counter Strike has two things going for it.
-It's author is a 15 year old from Germany, so we have to wait and see more of his work
-The game has Counter Strike in the title so it is a necessary download...  


M  M  M  M  M  M

005. M.A.D. - Global Thermonulclear Warface 


Download: mad_free.exe (10,5 MB)


Your mission? Annihilate your opponents before they annihilate you. Your weapons? The most advanced nuclear arsenal money can buy. Build up your bases, arm your satellites and research more powerful nukes on your way to global domination. This game combines elements of real time strategy with arcade style controls for a unique and breathtaking gaming experience.

006. Mars Mission 3D 


Download: 3DMarsMission.exe (4,4 MB)


3D Mars Mission. The year is 2009. A probe has been sent to Mars in the hope of discovering life forms on the planet. However, no one is prepared for what comes next. It is revealed that a highly evolved martian race lives in vast underground caverns on the planet and they are hostile.  

007. Meteor Mash 


Download: meteor.exe (2,8 MB)


The object of the game is to shoot down as many meteors, missiles, or spaceships as you can, just shoot everything!
In order to ge the best score be sure to shoot down objects other than the meteors first! The blue bombs that fall straight down do 5 times as much damage as one meteor, the orange spinning bombs do ten times as much damage as one meteor, and the blue missiles that move in a circular pattern each do 5 times as much damage as one missile.  

008. Mindjongg 


Download: (2,5 MB)


Mindjongg is a game of matching tiles. 144 Mahjong tiles are stacked up according to a selected layout. Tiles can only be selected if they are the rightmost or the leftmost tiles, and not stacked by other tiles. You can select two similar tiles at one time to remove them the table. The game is finished when all tiles are removed. Every game will have at least one solution.
Mindjongg comes with 18 different layouts and 8 tile sets. Other great features includes: sound effect, unlimited Undo and Redo, random play, save game and reload game.  

009. Monkey Boy 2 


Download: (956 KB)


Marvin Monkey was bitten by a radioactive boy! Now he's Monkey Boy defender of...stuff!
His friends are, understandably, skeptical. Prove your supersimian abilities by collecting as many bananas as you can without getting tagged!  

010. Moorhuhn 


Download: (2,7 MB)


This is a hunting game which can grow on you faster than you can say "Fucking Stupid Looking Bird".
Hours of fun, especially if you ever played and enjoyed "Pigeon Hunt".  

011. Moorhuhn 2 


Download: cc_mh2v11.exe (6 MB)


The successor of the extremely addictive first game, has become a classic in Germany.
It features your continuing adventures as you hunt the devious, yet brave Moorland Chickens.
Don't ask, just try the game.  

012. Myrthl Beach Tour


Download: 0,10152 (49 MB)


Enter the competition and play the full 18 holes. Beautiful scenery and intriguing gameplay make this free game a must for fans of the sport.  


N  N  N  N  N  N

013. NiM 1.0


Download: (5 MB)

Necessary dll file: (300 kb)

NiM, what is in thy name? A wimpy-wanna-be Worms Armageddon? Boring, un-playable freeware crap? A game where you are a frog who fights other frogs? No! None of the above! NiM is a fast-paced, multiplayer deathmatch with worms. It is also a very playable game with great pre-rendered characters, and individual graphics for each weapon and bullet. In its 16-bit glory, the worms fight each other to the death using a (soon to be) large array of firearms, explosives, or even peanut guns. With multiple music tracks, level customization, and many other soon-to-be-implemented features, how can you go wrong?
You can get the necessary all3934.dll file here  

014. Nuclear War 2.10 Deluxe 


Download: (1,4 MB)


Nuclear War is a game about nuclear war and other seedy, suspicious things nations do to each other.
An international love story then, in which you are one of five rulers engaged in a fight for supremacy. Thats means a nuclear war is the only solution. With heavy weapons like 100 Megatons missiles, millions of innocent victims are killed in the process. But who cares, when the you can become the world leader.
No sacrifice is to large. Your enemies will not cooperate with each other, only the strongest will survive.
Nuclear War 2.10 Deluxe is the newest version of the series of Nuclear War games by R.C Software. The game is based on the first version of this great game that appeared on the Amiga produced by New World Computing.  


O  O  O  O  O  O

015. One must fall: 2097 


Download: (6,8 MB)


it offers extremely addictive gameplay and stands as one of the best 2D fighting games ever made.
The game combines RPG, Strategy and beat-em-up elements in order to offer a fun package.
Forward in the manual
"This is, basically, a fighting game. It has many features not found in any other fighting game. One Must Fall 2097 is a great way to relieve stress, improve hand-eye coordination, or just generally waste enormous amounts of time."
This game also introduces a brand new way to play a fighting game, Tournament Play!!! you start as a rookie pilot with nothing but a basic jaguar unit. you rise throught ranks, train yourself, and upgrade your robot. The only thing you need is the will to win!  

016. Open Quartz 


Download: (6,4 MB)


Open Quartz is a free, open source first person shooter, based on the Quake engine source.
The game offers addictive gameplay and can be used as a platform on which other free games can be developed.  

017. Orbit 


Download: (3,4 MB)


You're the hottest space fighter pilot this side of Andromeda. An evil alien race threatens mankind's freedom to live, love, and play Quake 3. You've got a sleek ship with loads of weapons, but this time you're needed to defend our very own solar system. Go get 'em Sparky!
Version 1.01 is now available!
Multiplayer network support: Compete with other players over the Internet.
Direct support for AC3D models: Easily add third-party object models to the game.
Planetary orbits.  
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